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Prevention and Recovery through Innovation

InterAct LifeLine offers an integrated portal and mobile solution that delivers education, resources and support to reduce relapse, prevent overdose deaths and improve recovery.  LifeLine Connect™ is the first mobile application to take data from smart watches and fitness trackers to detect overdose, alert others and direct help.

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New Tools for Families

LifeLine Connect provides education and strategies for parents to prevent substance misuse and utilizes fitness wearables and smart watches to prevent overdose and send help.

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Take on the Opioid Crisis

Leverage technology to improve recovery, reduce relapse and prevent substance misuse with a customized and branded turnkey HIPAA compliant telehealth portal.

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Connected Networks

The proprietary Hub & Spoke™ service curates and delivers an updated stream of content and education to interconnected LifeLine portals.

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Available on the Go

Information at your finger tips with a mobile app that provides structure, maintains connections, and increases accountability

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Support & Resources In One Place

Improve recovery, educate and support families, and prevent substance misuse and overdose deaths.

Extend Access to Treatment
Address the Opioid Crisis
Prevent Substance Misuse
Reduce Relapse & Improve Recovery
Detect, Alert & Direct Help for Overdose
Educate & Support the Family

The InterAct LifeLine Content Network

We source content and education from highly-respected sources, filter and organize it into a centralized hub portal. 
The Hub automates delivery of content to portals that are connected to the InterAct LifeLine network.