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Innovative Solutions for Virtual Care

We provide virtual care solutions to treatment centers and organizations to make treatment, education, and support accessible and affordable

Increase Access to Those Who
Need It Most


More than half of Americans (56%) are seeking help for their mental health, but face limited options and long waits


Among adults with a substance use disorder, only 6.5% received some form of treatment in 2020

57.8 M

More than 57.8 million U.S adults were living with a mental illness in 2021

InterAct LifeLine improves recovery, educates and supports families, and helps to prevent substance misuse.

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The Future of Treatment and Recovery

Improve Patient Outcomes

Support patients throughout their recovery journey, improving results and quality of care

Boost Engagement

Make it easier for patients to engage with their treatment plans for better adherence and improved health outcomes

Expand your reach

Eliminate geographical barriers and make treatment more accessible, leading to higher patient retention rates 

Drive profitability

Expand treatment options and increase patient volume without the need for significant additional investment

Leverage data-driven insights

Access analytics to help treatment centers make informed decisions that can improve patient outcomes

Seamless Communication

Better communication allows for better responses to potential crises, preventing setbacks in recovery and enhancing the overall effectiveness

Virtual Care Solutions

Outpatient Services

Improve recovery by keeping individuals connected to treatment and support after primary care.

Family Support

Help families support their loved ones in recovery and heal the family in the process.

Primary Care

Allow individuals to participate from the comfort and privacy of one's own home.

A transformative approach to mental
health and addiction care

We empower treatment centers, care providers, and families with cutting-edge
tools and resources

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Support & Resources

Improve recovery, educate and support families, and help prevent substance misuse and overdose deaths.

News & Stories

Dive into narratives, media appearances and press releases that inspire hope, providing a reliable resource for those seeking virtual care solutions and increasing awareness of our program's success.

Blog Articles

Discover Interact Lifeline blog, a valuable resource providing helpful articles, expert resources, and advice tailored for seniors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Dive into a wealth of knowledge encompassing support, resources, and strategies to address mental health, addiction, and overall well-being.


Welcome to our audio journal series. InterAct LifeLine, a technology service focused on helping addictions treatment and collegiate recovery programs keep individuals connected to treatment, to community and to their families to improve recovery and reduce relapse.


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