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Patient Engagement Service

Enhance Your Program with Virtual Care Solutions

InterAct's new service empowers programs to reach more individuals, boost admissions and revenue, and improve outcomes. 

 Risk Free

 Easy to Use

 30 days

Launch an InterAct program at no cost with our unique revenue share model. 
We consult with you, setup the technology, and help you onboard participants.

Kathleen Totemoff

"InterAct has built a powerful tool to help your program expand its reach, appeal to a wider audience, and offer additional treatment options."

- Kathleen Totemoff, President/Founder of iEXIST, LLC | Advocate for Solutions in the Opioid Epidemic

Innovate, Expand, and Improve

Grow Your Program

Generate revenue without impacting your facility or staff through extended aftercare, family support, primary care, and alumni services.

Keep Patients Engaged

Keep patients connected longer by providing the structure and accountability of a virtual extended care program. Enrich their aftercare experience with online support groups, virtual education, personal calendars, discussion forums, check-ins, and more.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Make your programs more accessibile and engaging, while creating an environment for maintaining connections and encouraging accountability.

Differentiate Your Program

Serve a wider market with virtual care options for alumni and referral sources as well as offer new virtual care options for extended care, family support and intensive outpatient services

Excited to learn more?

We are here to help and let you test the technology for free.

Build a comprehensive virtual care program

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Showcase your program

Each portal is unique and branded for your program. Create a seamless user experience that builds trust among the referral community and promotes your program's mission, vision, and values.

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Create engagement opportunities

Foster dynamic engagement through discussion boards, chat messaging, and surveys designed to provide feedback and strengthen community ties.  Offer online support groups and educational opportunities with automated signup, reminders and Zoom integration.


Promote the program

Boost your program's visibility and impact with custom-branded emails and newsletters using the built in messaging engine.  Host educational or marketing webinars with Zoom integration and automate sign up and reminders.  Add members to the portal through an automated application process.

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Streamline the referral process

Streamline your referral process with user-friendly forms, making it easy for your audience to submit referrals.


Analyze the results

Comprehensive reports provide valuable insights on how people are interacting with your program and each other. Track logins, content interactions, survey and submissions, support group registrations and attendance, and email results.

One easy to use platform that does it all.

Risk Free

Receive a trial site to explore with no obligation.


Used for alumni, referral, or virtual care programs.

Easy to Use

Comes with automation to minimize time in managing your program.

Data Driven

See how people engage with your portal, emails, and content.