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InterAct LifeLine utilizes advanced technology to deliver tailored resources and support that empowers families to navigate and overcome substance misuse and addiction challenges.
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We support families struggling with substance misuse and addiction


Offers continuous education, diverse online support groups, engagement opportunities and connections to community. Reaches out continuously and alerts when issues are present


Learns about each individual from wearables data, engagement on the platform, and survey responses to assess and make recommendations


Collects data on activity, sleep patterns stress levels and vitals and transmits to the InterAct platform

Families need help to navigate the ongoing addiction crisis.


Of all adults struggle with a substance abuse disorder in any given year.


Immediate family members live with someone struggling with addiction or substance misuse


Adults and adolescents receive treatment each year

Technology Tools for Programs

We empower treatment centers, opioid initiatives and collegiate recovery programs
with technology to deliver virtual care.

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Access our library of original and curated content on addiction and recovery, family support, and wellness strategies

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Dive into narratives, media appearances and press releases that inspire hope, providing a reliable resource for those seeking family support solutions, information in innovations in virtual care and industry trends.

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Discover InterAct LifeLine blog, a valuable resource providing helpful articles, expert resources, and advice tailored for seniors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Dive into a wealth of knowledge encompassing support, resources, and strategies to address mental health, addiction, and overall well-being.


Welcome to our audio journal series. InterAct LifeLine, a technology service focused on helping addictions treatment and collegiate recovery programs keep individuals connected to treatment, to community and to their families to improve recovery and reduce relapse.


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