Treatment Programs

Helping Treatment Programs to Offer Virtual Care

Extend treatment after residential care, create alumni programs, launch family support or offer primary care.  Launch an InterAct program at no cost with our unique revenue share model.  We consult with you, setup the technology and help you onboard participants.

Expand Treatment Options

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Aftercare Services

Improve recovery by keeping individuals connected after in-patient or residential treatment.

Family Support

Help families support loved ones in recovery and heal their family in the process. 

Virtual IOP

Allow individuals to participate from the comfort of and privacy of one's home.

Virtual Care Increases Access to Treatment


15.35% of adults have a substance use disorder but 93.5% were never treated.

42.1 million

Adults that suffer from mental illness with 18.2% having a substance use disorder.

1 in 3

1 in 3 adults have either a substance use disorder or any mental illness.

How Virtual Care Benefits Treatment Programs

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Expand Treatment Options

People need virtual treatment options for greater access, convenience, and privacy in a flexible and comfortable environment meeting their needs, promoting better engagement and ultimately improving overall treatment outcomes.

Increase Revenue

Virtual care expands ways treatment programs generate revenue by attracting new clients, extending the client relationship, offering a wider range of services, and monetizing additional support options. 

Produce Better Outcomes

Staying connected to treatment longer results in fewer relapses and stronger recovery. Flexible scheduling, digital connections with care providers, and support networks enhance treatment adherence and motivation, leading to improved overall wellness.

Staff Efficiency

The fully automated turnkey technology for Virtual Care streamlines and simplifies care delivery, saving time and staff resources. Automation allows providers to focus on quality care, engage with patients, and scale their services more effectively.

All The Tools You Need to Build a Virtual Care Program

Deliver High-Impact Support Groups

• Select from professionally moderated group sessions

• Use Zoom or Teams to offer your own groups

• Automate sign up, send reminders, cap group attendance

Conduct 1 on 1 Sessions

• Use your existing Zoom or Teams account

• Automate signing up for sessions

• Add to personal calendars

• Send reminders to attend

A Live Stream of Curated Content & Education

• Select content catalogs from 40 topics

• Automatically updates your portal

• Recovery, wellness and family support strategies

• Videos, articles, blog posts, reports and more

Discussion Forums for Idea Sharing & Support

• Segment by the type of participant

• Organized by discussion topics

• Automated emails update individuals on conversations

• Forums can be moderated by administrators

Personal Calendars Provide Structure & Accountability

• Staff or individuals add commitments to calendars

• Schedule automated reminders

• Support groups or 1 on 1 sessions automatically appear on the calendar

Keep Participants Informed & Engaged

• Highlight new content, support groups or educational opportunities

• Send newsletters, custom emails, or text messages

• Deliver surveys and analyze results

• Get a report on email bounces, opens and clicks