About InterAct

Our Mission

InterAct Lifeline provides families with a virtual solution to receive on-going support, information and resources to navigate and overcome substance misuse and addiction challenges. We empower treatment programs, opioid initiatives to leverage our technology to create their own solutions for virtual care, family support or community education. 

What We Do

Empower Families 

The New PathRoot™ service empowers families with tailored resources to navigate and overcome substance misuse and addiction challenges.

Support Individuals

We use data from everyday wearables combined with interactions on our technology to learn about you, make recommendations, and offer self-directed care.

Virtual Care for Treatment Programs

Treatment programs can leverage InterAct's technology with options to keep clients and families connected for additional services.

Address the Opioid Crisis

Federal, state and local organizations fighting the opioid crisis use InterAct's technology to educate and support members of their community.

Automate Student Services

InterAct provides student services and collegiate recovery with a complete program to automate their processes, direct student activities, and educate their audiences.

A Personal Mission

Carolyn Bradfield, CEO/founder of InterAct faced a devastating loss when her daughter overdosed and died in 2017. As a result, she transformed her technology company to create services directed to help families navigate the crisis caused when a loved one struggles with substance misuse and addiction.  

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Roots in Treatment and Technology

The InterAct team brings together extensive experience in treatment and cutting-edge technology. With over a decade of leadership in software and collaboration enterprises, our founders also pioneered Phoenix Outdoor, a renowned experiential treatment program for at-risk adolescents, focusing on substance misuse and coexisting behavioral or mental health challenges. Phoenix' highly effective virtual family support program has been widely embraced across the treatment industry.

Officers & Advisors

We have a passion to help others prevent or manage the chronic disease of addiction. 
Collectively, we have delivered financial success to our investors by founding, building and exiting successful companies.