Opioid Programs

Automating Students Services & Collegiate Recovery

Manage all aspects of a student services or collegiate recovery program and engage participants, prospective students, parents and supporters.

Automate  Student Services & Collegiate Recovery

Online Community

Automated feed of curated content and education to keep audiences informed and updated.

Engage the Family

Help families find support and resources to help prevent substance misuse or support those in recovery.

Solicit Supporters & Donors

Provide people automated ways to find programs and services that meet their specific needs.

A Growing Need to Support Students


Students in 2021 reporting feeling sad or hopeless


Students met the criteria for at least 1 mental health issue in the 2020-2021 school year

2 Million

Full time college students (22%) reported using an illicit drug in the past month

The Benefit of Automating Student Services & Collegiate Recovery

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Reach a Wider Audience

A virtual solution allows colleges and universities to expand their reach to educate and engage current and prospective students, families, the community and donors and sponsors.

Educate Parents and Prospective Students

Through mobile and online technologies, Interact Lifeline enables student services and collegiate recovery programs to connect with families and prospective students to share the resources they have available to promote a healthy college experience and support students who have special needs or want to participate in collegiate recovery.

Attract donors and sponsors

Colleges and university programs can expand with the help of individual and corporate sponsors.  Our virtual program articulates the program offerings, shares the support needed and provides individuals and companies different ways to offer their support.

Make staff more efficient

With virtual care, you can manage consultations, appointments, and follow-up care. Staff members can optimize their time, focus on providing quality care, and easily collaborate with colleagues, resulting in improved productivity and enhanced patient/student experiences.

All The Tools You Need to Build a Program

Add Members

• Use the built-in application to add students, families or sponsors as members

• Create different membership types for custom viewing experiences

• Automate sign up, send reminders, cap group attendance

• Create dashboards for access to special features like forums & calendars.

• Track student engagement in reports.

Live Stream of Curated Content

• Organized into catalogs by over 40 topic areas.

• Keep current on recovery, family support wellness strategies

• Your portal is continuously updated from a central library.

• Content types are video on demand, articles, blogs, reports and more!

Online Support Community

• Deliver support groups with our professional moderators or hold your own groups.

• Add a discussion forum to share ideas and strategies.

• Keep the community connected with ways they can support your initiatives.

• Add messaging between community members.

Informed & Engaged

• Highlight new content, support groups or educational opportunities.

• Send newsletters, custom emails, or text messages.

• Deliver surveys and analyze the results.

• Automatically update audiences on forum discussions.

Deliver Events

• Complete event management solution.

• Use Zoom or Teams to deliver webinars or sessions.

• Promote the event through the email messaging engine.

• Automate registration for the event or individual webinars and sessions.

Understand Outcomes

• Detailed reports track engagement with the portal.

• Send automated surveys to get participant feedback.

• Deliver surveys and analyze results

• Get a report on email bounces, opens and clicks