For Families

Support for Families Struggling with Addiction

Introducing Pathroot, a new tool that connects you to community, resources, and the expert knowledge you need to support yourself and your loved one while they struggle with substance use or addiction.

How Pathroot Helps Families


Engage with a community of other families by posting questions, sharing ideas and participating in discussions.

Ask an Expert

Get direct access to licensed therapists or experts for personalized responses and advice.


Find direct links to organizations for specialized help, family therapists, or treatment programs.

Support Groups

Moderated groups on a variety of topics including family support, addiction, and recovery.


Participate in webinars led by professionals, providing in-depth and up-to-date information.

Knowledge Centers

Access a wealth of resources professionally curated on a wide variety of topics partners need to know.

Peer Mentors

Connect with a peer mentor who will offer practical advice, share personal experiences and empathize with you.

Learning Tracks

Benefit from guided learning journeys tailored to your specific needs for a deeper dive.

Powerful tools for you and your loved ones

Whether you're a parent, a friend, a partner, or relative, Pathroot can help you support your loved ones with
all the tools you need.

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