Technology to Improve Mental Health and Recovery

InterAct Lifeline is a virtual care solutions provider serving treatment programs, opioid initiatives, and higher education institutions. With our cutting-edge technology and tailored programs, we enable organizations to foster connections that bolster recovery, provide strategies that enhance mental health, and cultivate overall well-being.

Our Mission

Empower programs and individuals to harness technology for enhanced recovery, relapse prevention, substance misuse mitigation, mental health improvement, and wellness strategy development.

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What We Do

Address the Opioid Crisis

We offer a technology solution that supports federal, state and local efforts to fight the opioid crisis.

Prevent Overdose

LifeLine Connect™, a powerful new monitoring program, uses data from smartwatches and fitness trackers to spot the leading indicators of overdose, alert others, and sends help to prevent an overdose death.

Virtual Care for Treatment Programs

The InterAct solution provides treatment programs more options to keep clients and families connected after initial treatment.

Automate Student Services

InterAct provides student services and collegiate recovery with a complete program to automate their processes, direct student activities, educate their audiences and help raise their profile to attract others to help fund their programs.

Help Programs Extend Family Support

InterAct LifeLine provides programs new ways to keep families informed about their loved one's progress and actively involved in their recovery journey. Our curated content and educational resources empower families to effectively support their loved ones.

A transformative approach to mental
health and addiction care

We empower treatment centers, opioid program providers and
student services or collegiate recovery programs with cutting-edge
tools and resources.

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Our History

In 2017, Carolyn Bradfield, the CEO of Convey Services, faced a devastating loss when her daughter succumbed to a drug overdose. This personal tragedy ignited her dedication to harnessing Convey's technology for addiction prevention and recovery. In 2019, she founded InterAct LifeLine, a subsidiary of Convey Holdings, to create virtual options for extended treatment, family support programs, and substance misuse and overdose prevention.

Roots in Treatment

The founders of Convey started Phoenix Outdoor, a licensed outdoor behavioral health program for at-risk adolescents; focused on substance misuse and coexisting behavioral or mental health issues. They set industry standards and introduced an online family support program. Phoenix Outdoor was sold to CRC Health (now Acadia Healthcare) in 2007.

Officers & Advisors

Our team has a passion for those that devote themselves to helping others prevent or manage the chronic disease of addiction.  Collectively, we have delivered financial success to our investors by founding, building and exiting successful technology companies.