InterAct Cares Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Profit Status
Is InterAct Cares a non-profit?

InterAct Cares is a Florida registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN 84-4062864) and all donations are tax deductible. 

How is InterAct Cares affiliated with InterAct LifeLine or LifeLine Connect?

InterAct Cares is the non-profit arm of InterAct LifeLine that offers individuals or corporations the option of making tax-deductible donations.  LifeLine Connect is the service for overdose detection and prevention offered by InterAct LifeLine.

Use of Donations
How does InterAct LifeLine use donations to InterAct Cares?

InterAct LifeLine directs donations to support other non-profits, recovery community organizations (RCOs) or drug free communities by granting subscriptions to LifeLine Connect for those in need.

Directing Donations
What if I would like to recommend the use of my donation?

When you fill out the form, please let us know any special donation request and we'll collaborate with you to direct that donation based on your wishes.

LifeLine Connect 
Describe the LifeLine Connect Program

LifeLine Connect is a customized mobile application that is the first of its kind to take vitals from fitness trackers and smart watches to predict overdose, alert others and allow help to be directed.  The program is supported with a content and educational portal that provides connects to support, live and on demand education and a robust content library geared for different age groups.

LifeLine Connect Subscription
How much does a LifeLine Connect subscription cost?

An average monthly fee for LifeLine Connect is $19.99 which will support the monitoring of 2 family members and full access to the educational and support portal.  During the crowdfunding campaign, a subscription can be pre-purchased for 50% of that price.

Launch Plans
When will LifeLine Connect launch?

We anticipate finalizing our technology in early fall 2023 and plan to launch with initial subscribers that have signed up during the crowdfunding campaign.

Support the Mission
Are there other ways to support InterAct LifeLine and LifeLine Connect?

Yes.  We appreciate you getting the word out to your network about the program so we can raise awareness, secure additional subscriptions during our crowdfunding campaign and move more quickly to launch.