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New Virtual Care Platform for Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery Programs

Press Release from InterAct LifeLine

St. Petersburg Florida - October 18, 2023 - InterAct LifeLIne today unveiled a new Virtual Care solution for behavioral health and addiction treatment programs that improves the ability to offer extended treatment, intensive outpatient, or family support. Powered by portal and integrated mobile technology, InterAct's Virtual Care make treatment, education, community connections and support accessible to more clients and their families as an affordable treatment option. Once an individual completes in-patient treatment, Virtual Care improves recovery by keeping them connected to treatment and support communities longer. Virtual Care removes the restriction of bed space or licensing limits to serve more clients and provides additional treatment options to increase revenue for recovery programs.

"People that stay connected to aftercare services using virtual engagement experience less relapse and improved recovery," said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of InterAct LifeLine. "Engagement and support beyond in-patient treatment is key, as approximately 85% of people relapse within a year after rehab treatment without a close, interactive connection."

InterAct Virtual Care improves recovery, educates, and supports families, and helps to prevent substance misuse while allowing clients to participate from the privacy of their home. As a family support program, Virtual Care empowers families with strategies to support their loved ones in recovery while at the same time healing the family. The program comes pre-designed and automated to reduce strain on staff time or attention with options to outsource support groups or individual telehealth treatment.

InterAct offers Virtual Care at no financial risk to behavioral health and addiction recovery programs through a revenue share model that can be converted to an annual subscription as participation in the program accelerates. Custom portals are created and branded for every treatment facility and connected to the InterAct digital library for an automated stream of curated content and education. Virtual Care creates a strong online community through support groups, discussion forums, continuous outreach, and engagement. Clients can establish a daily schedule to maintain structure and accountability with personal calendars that deliver reminders ensuring they keep commitments and stay on track.

"Other companies that offer virtual solutions or apps often bypass treatment program to connect directly with the individual," added Bradfield. "InterAct's perspective is that the treatment program should be integrally involved in all virtual care. We partner with behavioral health and addiction recovery programs to empower their success and help them prolong relationships with clients and their families."

Benefits to Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery Programs

  • Expand Treatment Options - Go beyond in-patient programs to offer extended care, intensive outpatient, or family support.
  • Increase Revenue - Virtual Care removes facility restrictions to serve more clients for longer periods, generating recurring revenue without expanding overhead.
  • Extend Client Relationships - Enroll clients in Virtual Care at time of admission and keep them connected to the program for extended periods, months or even years.
  • Turnkey Solution - The program comes pre-designed and automated, without compromising staff time or attention.
  • Market Differentiation - Virtual Care distinguishes programs by expanding services with new and innovative options.
  • Improve Outcomes - People that stay connected to treatment longer relapse less and have improved recovery.

InterAct's Virtual Care portal outreaches to and engages clients and families via text and email to encourage participation, content viewing, and highlight opportunities to make valuable connections. The program tracks all interactions including logs-ins, content views, or session attendance. Individuals can opt out of having their data displayed or shared. InterAct LifeLine is HIPAA, CCPA, ADA and GDPR compliant. The platform supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video telehealth services. For more information visit: InterAct Virtual Care


About InterAct LifeLine

InterAct LifeLine is a subsidiary of Convey Services. InterAct's online and mobile technology helps behavioral health and addiction recovery programs keep individuals and families connected to extended recovery support, online communities, and to family resources and education. They also offers turnkey technology to support federal, state, and local efforts to fight the opioid crisis.

InterAct LifeLine SaaS technology provides a continuous flow of content to portals connected to its digital asset library to educate audiences about prevention, recovery, and wellness. Portals are HIPAA, CCPA, ADA and GDPR compliant, offer discussion forums, messaging outreaches, virtual support groups and telehealth connections. Detailed reports and analytics provide outcome studies on the effectiveness of programs.

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