'I landed on love': Families try a different approach to addiction

From WBUR, Boston's NPR Station

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In November of 2023, WBUR aired a story about Ken Feldstein and his son Brendon as they struggled to find a way to help Brendon overcome his addiction to heroin.  Addicted to drugs as a teenager and now an addiction counselor, Ken tried a different approach to help Brendon find his way back to recovery.

Brendan during his opioid use disorder and his mom Barbara around 2009. (Courtesy of Ken Feldstein)

'I landed on love': Families try a different approach to addiction

From WBUR in Boston

"I want to move us away from a historical and incorrect assumption that family members are the root cause of addiction or that they are responsible for perpetuating the disorder," Ventura told trainees in a recent session. "Instead, recognize the important role that family members and social support play in the lives of people with substance use disorder."."

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