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A Solution Tailored for Addiction & Behavioral Health Programs

Discover a user-friendly solution crafted specifically for addiction and behavioral health programs that helps create sustainable revenue growth, offers accessible treatment options and streamlines your operation. We invite you to explore the service for free today!

 Risk Free

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Launch an InterAct program at no cost with our unique revenue share model. 
We consult with you, setup the technology, and help you onboard participants.

Kathleen Totemoff

"InterAct has built a powerful tool to help your program expand its reach, appeal to a wider audience, and offer additional treatment options."

- Kathleen Totemoff, President/Founder of iEXIST, LLC | Advocate for Solutions in the Opioid Epidemic

Bridge the Treatment Gap Between Residential and Aftercare

Increase Revenue 

Expand your services by offering a suite of virtual care options that generate additional revenue without impacting your facility or staff.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Keep patients connected longer to treatment by providing the structure and accountability and enriching their aftercare experience with online support groups, education, check-ins, and more.

Increase Staff Satisfaction

Automate tedious tasks and offer a flexible virtual experience to improve staff morale and reduce turnover.

Increase Admissions

Use the service to create robust referral and alumni programs. Make your programs appealing, flexible, and accessible with solutions that patients can benefit from no matter their schedule or location.

Excited to expand your services?

So are we. Try it for free today.

One easy to use service that does it all.

Risk Free

Take a test drive for free with
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Used for alumni, referral, or virtual care programs.

Easy to Use

Automated to minimize time in managing your program.

Data Driven

See how people engage with your content emails, and online activities.