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OpioidIQ - Offers Education, Awareness and Resources for State, Local and Nonprofit Opioid Abatement Response Programs

Overview: Opioid IQ, from InterAct LifeLine is a turn-key technology platform designed to educate communities about the dangers of opioids to prevent substance misuse, overdose deaths and connect individuals to resources, treatment, and support. Designed for state and local governments, nonprofit and recovery community organizations (RCOs), the integrated solution incorporates content and education, connections to treatment services, webinars and support groups, engagement tools and provides outreach to audiences impacted by the Opioid Crisis.

St. Petersburg Florida - November 2, 2023 - InterAct LifeLine today unveiled Opioid IQ, a technology platform for agencies that have received opioid abatement funds and need an efficient and automated way to connect their communities to increase awareness, provide education and direct clients to services and community support. Opioid IQ delivers a branded and customized portal that is continuously populated with curated content and education and comes with tools to conduct webinars and online education, outreach to audiences, gather feedback, and collect data to evaluate the program's effectiveness in real-time.

"One of the most important uses of opioid abatement funds is raising awareness of the risks of opioid use, along with the dangers of fentanyl, while directing people to treatment and resources for help," said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of InterAct LifeLine. "Opioid IQ uses intelligent tools to provide strategies to help clients maintain a personal recovery program to stay healthy. It helps families who have loved ones struggling with substance misuse by providing tools, resources, and access to counseling. Opioid IQ is a turn-key platform that provides comprehensive opioid-related online resources to stay aware, connected, and educated."

Opioid IQ is automated and comes completely setup requiring minimal resources to maintain and manage. Custom portals are created and branded for each organization and connected to the InterAct digital asset library for a stream of curated content and education. Opioid IQ helps develop an online community through support groups, discussion forums, continuous outreach, and engagement. Analytics reveal the type of content and education being consumed and monitors if outreaches are being read, responses to surveys, and attendance in online groups, forums, or webinars. Data can be used to analyze effectiveness and direct future programs to support the community.

"Agencies that have received opioid settlement funds struggle to invest in activities that generate tangible benefits for their community," added Bradfield. "A good strategy starts with ensuring that those with the greatest needs are aware of help and support in their local community. For individuals that may not have access to technology, InterAct can connect them to free wireless devices and services through the federally-sponsored Affordable Connectivity Program."

Benefits to Opioid Abatement Programs

  • Turnkey Solution - The program comes pre-designed and automated, to reduce compromising staff time or attention.
  • Features - Opioid IQ has comprehensive features for education, engagement, and analysis.
  • Connected Community - It fosters a sense of community by providing a shared platform for learning, collaboration and discussion.
  • Promotes Safety - Ensures community safety through content that educates on recognizing signs of substance misuse while reinforcing the danger of opioids.
  • Secure & Protected - All personal information is HIPAA, CCPA, and ADA compliant.

InterAct's Opioid IQ portal outreaches to and engages audiences via text and email encouraging participation, content viewing, and highlighting opportunities to make valuable connections. The program tracks all interactions including logs-in, content views, or session attendance. Individuals can opt out of having their data displayed or shared. InterAct LifeLine is HIPAA, CCPA, ADA and GDPR compliant. The platform supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video telehealth services. For more information visit: OpioidIQ


About InterAct LifeLine

InterAct LifeLine is a subsidiary of Convey Services. InterAct's online and mobile technology helps behavioral health and addiction recovery programs keep individuals and families connected to extended recovery support, online communities, and to family resources and education. They also offers turnkey technology to support federal, state, and local efforts to fight the opioid crisis.

InterAct LifeLine SaaS technology provides a continuous flow of content to portals connected to its digital asset library to educate audiences about prevention, recovery, and wellness. Portals are HIPAA, CCPA, ADA and GDPR compliant, offer discussion forums, messaging outreaches, virtual support groups and telehealth connections. Detailed reports and analytics provide outcome studies on the effectiveness of programs.

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