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Overdose Detection

The Mobile App to Detect Drug Overdose, Alert & Save a Life

The LifeLine Connect app pairs smartwatches or fitness trackers to collect data. Using vital signs to detect potential overdose, the app can geolocate individuals and direct help.

LifeLine Connect™ Provides a SafetyNet for Families

The mobile app collects data from smart watches and fitness trackers to spot the leading indicators of overdose, alert others and send help.
The program educates families on how to stay safe and make healthy choices.

Takes Vitals from Fitness Trackers or Smartwatches

Data from off-the-shelf wearables like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin or the Oura ring is continuously monitored by LifeLine Connect. If vital signs fall below safe levels, this may be an indicator of potential overdose or if the wearable device stops sending data, contacts will receive an alert message.

Emergency Alerts Sent to Family and Friends

LifeLine Connect reaches out to see if the individual is OK and simultaneously alerts emergency contacts of potential overdose risk. The individual in trouble can also send an alert message to ask for help. Notifications bypass the phone’s silent mode to get everyone's attention. A 24X7 call center is on standby if messages are not responded to.

How LifeLine Connect Works

Connect the App with a Smart Watch

1. Trigger Well Being Checks

Receive wellness checks when vitals are at an unacceptable level. The app will reach out to determine if the individual is okay and asks for a response.

2. Notify Contacts

Emergency contacts are notified instantly in potential overdose situations with the person's location.

3. Receive Updates

Contacts on the list will also receive a notification if data is not being received for any reason.

LifeLine Connect Also Offers Education & Support


Substance misuse risks, prevention strategies and new ways to engage and talk to your kids.


Connect through online support groups and forums for ideas and strategies. Optional individual and family support Telehealth sessions.


Geolocates participants for "check ins". Navigates you to relevant content, support groups, surveys, and educational opportunities.