LifeLine Connect is currently in development, for status updates please check back regularly
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Artificial Intelligence 

LifeLine Connect's AI Companion Watches Over You, Monitors Progress and Alerts for Relapse or Overdose Risk

LifeLine Connect collects data from smartwatches or fitness trackers and combines it with activity on the engagement portal in community activities, support groups, interactions with education and survey responses to learn about you and update you on your progress.  The system will deliver proactive alerts for potential relapse or overdose risk.

LifeLine Connect™ Provides a SafetyNet 

LifeLine Connect combines the power of wearables and AI with a sophisticated monitoring and alert system to predict when someone is at risk of relapse or overdose.
Regular updates detail an individual's progress in their health and wellness journey offering suggestions for continuous improvement

Takes Data from Fitness Trackers or Smartwatches

Data from off-the-shelf wearables like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin or the Oura ring is continuously received by LifeLine Connect and combined with data from the education and engagement portal.  The AI engine uses the data to predict relapse or overdose risk and offer progress reports to guide individuals to a successful health and wellness program.

How LifeLine Connect Works

Connect the App with a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

1. Learns About You

The AI companion analyzes data from wearables and combines it with interactions on the portal and survey responses to learn about you.

2. Sends Updates

Individuals and their contacts receive regular progress reports and guidance

3. Alerts & Notifies

Contacts can be copied on progress reports or notified immediately when potential relapse or overdose risk is detected.

LifeLine Connect  Offers Education & Engagement


A continuous flow of content and education helps individuals understand substance misuse risks, prevention strategies and new ways to maintain health and wellness.


Participants connect through online support groups and forums for ideas and strategies. The program offers optional individual and family support along with Telehealth sessions.


The program continuously outreaches to individuals with progress reports, new educational content, and engagement opportunities.  Add commitments to personal calendars with reminders and geolocation for "check ins".