Fighting Fentanyl: The Crisis - Episode 1, Part 1

Hayes CISD

The Story of Kevin McConville

n Part 1, Episode 1 of "Fighting Fentanyl: The Crisis," we introduce Hays CISD audiences to the local fentanyl crisis in our community. It opens powerfully with the tragic story of Kevin McConville who would have been a senior at Lehman High School, Class of 2023. However, just two weeks before the start of his senior year, he died from a suspected fentanyl overdose - never knowing it was fentanyl he took. Additionally, this video showcases first responders and their work on the front lines.

Help is on the Way!

InterAct LifeLIne is developing a mobile solution that utilizes data from smart watches and fitness trackers to detect leading indicators of overdose, alert others and send help. (Coming Soon!)

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