The Quality of Parent-Child Relationships in U.S. Families

BY JONATHAN ROTHWELL for Gallup January 10th 2024

At a Glance

"There are few if any nationally representative surveys that collect information on parent-child relationship quality. Gallup’s work in this area is meant to provide baseline results to inform future research and better understanding about the circumstances and beliefs that drive mental health and wellbeing.

The findings on parent-child relationships, from Gallup’s 2023 Familial and Adolescent Health Survey, expand on recently published research that found social media use is high among U.S. teenagers and associated with poor mental health and less parental regulation of screen time. Another study in this series found that warm, disciplined parenting practices and high-quality parent-child relationships predict better mental health among teens."

The Results from the Gallup Poll

The Key Takeaway

High-quality parent-child relationships are crucial for the well-being of both parties, significantly reducing children's risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts while promoting positive social development and long-term mental health. These benefits are consistent across race, ethnicity, income, and education levels. Conservative parents often exhibit stronger relationships with their children, possibly due to disciplined and structured parenting practices, such as limit-setting and consistent rule enforcement, which, when combined with parental warmth, support adolescent health and psychological development. Promoting these practices could benefit families and communities nationwide.

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