Lifeline with Carolyn Bradfield

Relevate Podcast Hosted by Rena Olsen

Listen to this powerful episode and learn how one woman turned her own journey of having a child with addiction and unthinkable loss into what would become a lifeline for others.  Carolyn Bradfield shares her and Laura's story on this episode of the Relevate Podcast.  

If you've ever loved someone with addiction or fear that is the direction they may be headed, Carolyn shares from her own experience with clarity, knowledge and empathy.  There is so much to learn from her story.

You'll also hear of some exciting technology developments, spearheaded by her company InterAct LifeLine, designed to provide a lifeline and layer of protection for those who struggle with addiction. To learn more, visit:  interactlifeline.com

Also mentioned in this episode:

- Missy Owen's organization, Davis Direction Foundation, founded in memory of her son, Davis

The Connection, an addiction recovery support center in Forsyth County (metro Atlanta)

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