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The Silent Ambush of Substance Misuse and Addiction

December 7, 1941, will always be a date that "will live in infamy" because of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. As we reflect on this pivotal moment in history, it serves as a stark reminder of the potency of surprise attacks and ambushes. But although we associate ambushes in the theater of war, there is a different battleground that many among us face daily: the struggle against substance misuse and addiction. This ambush is marked by unexpected challenges, psychological warfare, and the imperative need for resilience and a strategy to fight back.

Substance misuse is often an unseen foe, striking when you least expect it.

Substance misuse, much like a lurking enemy, often infiltrates lives without warning with a silent ambush, catching individuals off guard and leaving them grappling with the aftermath. The teenager who thought they were partying casually now feels compelled to keep using. Having a few drinks to relax or unwind now becomes a habit. The unpredictability of when substance misuse might cascade into addiction can be a surprise attack that the individual or their family doesn't see coming.

Addiction can mirror the same experience of warfare.

Coping with the disease of addiction can equate to being victim to psychological warfare, impacting one's mental health and emotional stability. The element of surprise fosters doubt, shame, and confusion for the individual or their family mirroring the chaos of an ambush, as individuals find themselves ensnared in the grip of a foe they may not have seen coming.

Addiction can be like a hostile business takeover or unexpected competitive move.

Addiction often mirrors what happens every day in business. Substance misuse can be likened to a hostile takeover bid, disruptive technology, or an unexpected move by competitors. But this time, it's on one's well-being, disrupting relationships, careers, and personal aspirations. The unexpected rise of dependency can leave individuals scrambling to adapt, much like businesses navigating sudden market shifts or competitive threats.

Addiction ambushes your personal life.

Moving beyond the parallels of war and business, addiction weaves its way into disrupting the fabric of personal lives. The unexpected health crises, fractured relationships, or financial setbacks associated with substance misuse can be equated to personal ambushes. The suddenness of these events often leaves individuals in a state of shock, grappling with the daunting task of rebuilding.

Coping with an addiction ambush.

1 in 10 of us will be ambushed by addiction and the collateral damage with friends and family spreads way beyond the individual that is impacted. If substance misuse or addiction has ambushed you or your family, here are some thoughts about what to do next.

After an ambush, it's time to become resilient.

While the initial impact of a surprise attack is jarring, surviving, and moving forward is directly related to resilience. Whether nations rebuilding after war, businesses adapting to market shifts, or individuals finding strength in the face of this personal ambush, the ability to endure and adapt can be the difference in who survives or not.

Understand the enemy.

After Pearl Harbor, the United States was drawn into a war on two fronts against the Japanese and Germans. We studied their warfare tactics, understood their strengths and weaknesses, and prepared ourselves to go to war with knowledge. If addiction has attacked you or your family, it's critical to understand the disease, how it will ambush and attack you, and the strategies to fight back.

Have a plan to counterattack.

Although we were wounded after Pearl Harbor, the United States geared up and repaired and rebuilt their Navy, retooled their factories for wartime, and enlisted millions of soldiers and civilians to join the fight. For those fighting addiction, it's important to marshal resources that can support you, get professionals to help you, and create a battle plan for recovery.


December 7th should be a reminder that the unexpected can happen to us at any moment. Personally, I've been ambushed by divorce, the overdose death of my daughter, and a series of business and financial setbacks. I chose to step back, regroup, recharge, and move forward. Today, surprise attacks or ambushes are something you should expect in your lifetime and addiction and substance misuse are only one of them. How you respond is the difference in whether you fold or survive.

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