Six Ways to Maintain Your Sobriety at Thanksgiving

Article from Psychology Today by Constance Scharff Ph.D.

The holiday season often brings about feelings of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, which can increase the temptation to resort to substance use as a coping mechanism. Here are some helpful tips from Psychology Today for having a happy Thanksgiving while remaining drug or alcohol free. 

Here are our key takeaways from the article:

Share the workload: If you are in charge of preparing the Thanksgiving meal, don't hesitate to ask for help. This reduces stress and allows you to manage your recovery better.

Practice gratitude: When you feel overwhelmed, write a list of things you're grateful for. This helps keep the focus on the positive aspects of the holiday.

Volunteer: Helping others can provide a sense of fulfillment and distract from any family tensions. 

Invite a supportive friend: Having a supportive friend at a family gathering can help diffuse tension and provide emotional support.

Prioritize your health: If attending a family or work function feels too triggering, it's okay to not attend. Your health and recovery should always come first.


Six Ways to Maintain Your Sobriety at Thanksgiving

By Constance Scharff Ph.D.

"I first tried to quit drinking on November 11, 1995. By Thanksgiving of that year, I was clean, but I was scared to death of facing a holiday dinner without a drink. I remember standing by the bar in my grandmother’s house, downing Diet Coke in long gulps. I drank an entire case of Diet Coke during the evening, but I stayed sober. Now, I have more tools to maintain my recovery during the holidays."

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