InterAct Cares automates collegiate recovery, non-profits and civic organizations

InterAct Cares is a nonprofit division of InterAct LifeLine that supports providing online portal technology at zero or reduced cost to collegiate recovery communities, civic groups, and nonprofits whose mission is to fight the opioid crisis. Donations to InterAct Cares defray the cost of the technology to groups that provide education, treatment or social services to clients or communities that don’t have funding to purchase and manage the technology.

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InterAct Cares Matters

The opioid crisis has left us struggling with how to cope with the large number of adolescents who develop addiction before they leave high school, the 70,000 Americans who overdose and die each year, and those that fail to understand how to treat the disease. InterAct totally automates the process of providing online education and content available from a centralized library, attracting and communicating with audiences, and providing other support services using technology.

InterAct Cares allows you to support a collegiate recovery program, help a community educate and help their citizens and provide portals to non-profits to raise awareness on substance misuse prevention and treatment.

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Collegiate Recovery

Collegiate recovery programs provide a supportive environment for students to balance their education with recovery, so they don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Students enrolled in collegiate recovery exceed graduation rates of the general student population by 21% and have higher GPA's than the general student population. Only 5% of collegiate recovery students return to using illegal drugs or other substances.

InterAct portals automate a collegiate recovery program allowing them to streamline processes, educate audiences and serve more students, their families, and the community at large. Collegiate recovery programs are funded through donations, sponsorships, and grants.

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Non-Profits & Civic Groups

Non-profits, civic organizations, and communities are trying to find ways to reduce the devastating effects of the opioid crisis with limited staff and resources. InterAct’s portal services can be provided to these organizations, branded and customized and come complete with all of the automation and content needed to raise awareness, provide strategies to prevent substance misuse, and ways to rethink the treatment process and achieve long-term wellness and recoveries.

Connections to virtual support groups and telehealth therapy sessions make treatment and support available to even the most remote communities that do not have an adequate supply of treatment professionals.