LifeLine Connect Mobile App

Collect vitals from fitness trackers & smart watches to detect potential overdose, alert and send help.  Get reminders and notifications through secure messaging.

The mobile app and program portal are integrated to manage users, synch personal calendars, deliver surveys or questionnaires, and report on activity  Portal members can download the mobile app.

secure phone
Secure Messages

HIPAA compliant messaging sends secure messages directly to a smart phone.  Send individual or broadcast messages to groups. Encryption ensures that messages are secure and private.

personal calendar
Keep Commitments

Personalized calendars hold events, meetings, or appointments.  One or more text reminders can be scheduled to ensure the individual attends with links back to the portal to see event details.

five star review
Surveys & Questionnaires

Create a questionnaire in the portal and notify individuals to respond. Portal administrators receive alerts if people don’t respond or if the response creates a concern or need for action.

GPS tracking
Geolocate & Checkin

Individuals check in to appointments or events added to their personal calendar.  The mobile app will geo-locate the individual to ensure they are where they are supposed to be and automate a checkin.

smart watch

Integration with wearable technology monitors the individual’s vitals to detect potential overdose and automatically alert the care team with the option to send help.