Cloud network
Centralize Assets

The hub portal is the centralized repository of content, education, events, marketing campaigns and  reports. Distribute content and education automatically to portals in the network. 

content distribution
Automate Distribution

Content, training, and events posted on the hub are automatically duplicated on spoke portals instantly or on a scheduled basis. Portal owners can choose to approve content before it goes live.

Organize in Catalogs

Content and information is organized into catalogs that are duplicated on spoke sites.  InterAct’s content library contains 40 catalogs that can be selected to appear on spokes.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns created on the hub and can be made available to spoke portals.  Campaigns have 4 outbound emails, a customized sign up page and reports that detail campaign success.

Efficient Administration

Hub portal administrators login and login to spokes with single sign on.  Portals can add and manage members or for a single sign on login experience between an InterAct and 3rd party portal.

tablet showing statistics
Data & Analytics

Portals record each time an individual logs in, visits a catalog, interacts with content, registers for an event, or fills out a form. Data can be consolidated on the hub.

Hub & Spoke

Digital asset library that provides a constant feed of content & education to portals that are connected.