Program Portals

Program portals automate, engage, educate and track results

Feature-rich portals provide programs unprecedented levels of automation with all of the tools needed to run a robust collegiate or treatment aftercare program.



Programs receive a custom portal branded and tailored for them. The home and invites the viewer to explore the portal, provides links to explore content and events and find opportunities for education. Portals features are set up for programs to use the technology right away.

content distribution

 Endless Content Flow

Portals are connected to a hub portal with an endless variety of carefully screened content and education. New content comes daily from the centralized content hub or can be added locally by the program. Content is organized into catalogs by topic and can be approved before it’s live.

tablet and smart phone

Viewable on any Device

Responsive web design ensures that the portal is viewable on all devices from mobile phones to laptops to wide screens. The viewer does not need to download an app to have the right viewing experience. Portal graphics make the viewing experience interesting.

forum community

Connections & community

Discussion forums promote interaction and community. Connect program participants to each other, form parent support groups or have alumni connect to each other. Topics range from recovery strategies to family issues, how to maximize education with recovery and finding a job after treatment or college.

cyber security

Secure and manage member data

Portals secure and manage member data, group members into types and make content, email messages, and discussion forums available only to specific types of members creating a personalized portal experience.  Data is secured in a HIPAA compliant CRM system.


Outreach and engage members

Automated email messages deliver regular outreaches that remind portal members to log in and look at what's new. Newsletters drive portal member engagement and traffic to the site. Members opt-in to receive text messages to alert them about scheduled events and announcements.

personal calendar

Organize site & personal events

The portal event calendar organizes meetings, events, trainings and seminars presenting them in one convenient online location. Members have personalized calendars for administrators to add events, meetings, or appointments and schedule text and email reminders.

cloud network

Connects to a portal network

Portals can be connected into a portal network for centralized content delivery, reports and management.   Portals can be connected to administrative portals to add or manage new members or provide individuals a single sign-on experience between portals.

tablet showing statistics

Provides data & insight

Every interaction with the portal, its emails or forums is recorded and presented in easy-to-understand reports. Programs use that knowledge to select content based on what people are interested in. Reports produce data used to create and deliver outcome studies.