The InterAct Portal

Technology automates processes, engages the audience, provides content and education and tracks results
Brand & Customize

Portals are created from a template with all features setup and ready to go.  You get a standardized experience, but have options to brand and customize it the way you like.

content distribution
Content & Education

Portals receive an endless variety of carefully screened content and education. New content comes daily from a centralized hub or can be added locally by the program. 

tablet and smart phone
Viewable on Any Device

The portal is viewable on all devices from mobile phones to laptops to wide screens. The viewer does not need to download an app to have the right viewing experience. 

forum community
Make Connections

Connect people to each other, form parent support groups or promote alumni groups in discussion forums.  Forum participants receive email updates on the latest discussions.

cyber security
Secure Data

Secure and manage personal data with a privacy center allowing individuals to see their profile data and make corrections.  Data is secured in a HIPAA compliant CRM system.

Webinar, Video, Conference, Skype, Call
TeleHealth & Groups

Add TeleHealth appointments to connect individuals to therapists and counselors. Offer support meetings or educational sessions accessed from right from the portal.

personal calendar
Schedules & Calendars

Calendars organize meetings, events, trainings and group sessions in one convenient location. Events are added by administrators, by the individual or from session signups with email reminders to attend.

cloud network
Portal Network

Portals can be connected into a  network for centralized content delivery, reports and management.  Portals in the network are created from a template to standardize the experience across the network.

Data & Analytics

Every interaction with the portal, its emails or forums is recorded and presented in easy-to-understand reports.  Reports produce data used to create and deliver outcome studies.