SafetyNet™ for Families

SafetyNet provides education and strategies for parents to understand substance misuse risks,
how to engage and talk to their kids, and offers prevention strategies through mobile

man using tablet
Content & Education

Content from respected sources is organized into subject areas to educate families about substance misuse, strategies to talk to kids offer prevention and health & wellness ideas.

woman using cellphone
Engage & Outreach

Notify & remind people to look at content, check-in to activities and complete surveys.  Outreach is delivered via email and text.

video chatting
Support Connections

Access discussion forums, online support groups and education Add Telehealth meetings with family therapists if needed.

GPS tracking
Connecting to Family Mobile Apps

Family safety plans from AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile geolocate kids, ask for check-ins, receive alerts and monitor internet usage.  SafetyNet adds text reminders, surveys and alerts.

Insight and Alerts

Parents see reports to understand if their child is responding to outreach, checking in, and what they are looking at on the portal.

Coming Soon!  Wearables

We turn your smart watch or fitness tracker into a safety device to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen level to detect potential overdose and send help.