SafetyNet is a Subscription Program for Families

SafetyNet provides education and strategies for parents to understand the risk of addiction, how to engage and talk to their kids, and prevention strategies.  The mobile application provides structure, monitoring and accountability.  Wearables monitor vitals to detect potential overdose.

Online Content & Education

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A centralized library provides content from respected sources, organizes it into subject areas that include information about substance misuse, health and wellness, and strategies to prevent addiction. Families access information that better explains the disease, what they can do to prevent it and how to talk to their children in an age-appropriate way.   Content should also be used to educate children.

Outreach & Engagement

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The SafetyNet message library notifies and reminds you to take action, look at content, or check in to events and appointments. Portals ask you for feedback on content and survey their members to improve and adjust the services offered.  Messages can be delivered via email as well as text.

Connections for Support

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Technology facilitates discussion forums, offers virtual support groups, and online education. Telehealth appointments with family therapists help the family make the adjustments they need to keep the family together and functioning. Families find comfort and knowledge collaborating with and connecting to others.

Scheduling & Check In

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Adolescents have a personalized calendar for parents to add their commitments like school events, work, sports practice or other meetings. Text reminders can be added to make sure they remember, and the mobile application asks for check-ins, identifies locations, and offers other verification to ensure they are where they are supposed to be.

Alerts & Safety


Families are alerted if their adolescent is not following their schedule and not where they are supposed to be. Questions are sent periodically to monitor how they are doing, and alerts are sent if they don’t respond or if the response is troubling.  Wearables monitor vitals to detect overdose risk and send help.

SafetyNet Network

cloud network

Organizations like PTA groups, school districts or non-profits can have a portal network.  Each location’s portal can be customized for the location but standardized in its structure and capabilities.  A centralized portal updates the portals in the network with content, events, or other information and collects data from its spoke portals.