LifeLine Connect™ Provides a SafetyNet for Families

The mobile app collects data from smart watches and fitness trackers to spot the leading indicators of overdose, alert others and send help.  The program educates families on how to stay safe and make healthy choices.

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Detecting an Overdose with LifeLine Connect


45.9 million people in the US use a smartwatch, while 39.5 million use a fitness tracker.  Those wearables track your steps, but they also collect data on your heart and respiration rate along with blood oxygen level, the key indicators of overdose if they go outside the range of normal

Mobile App

Pair your fitness tracker or smart watch with the LifeLine mobile application to start sending your vitals to the LifeLine portal and alerting system.  Data is received every few minutes to detect the leading indicators of overdose, alert contacts and direct help.

The LifeLine Connect Alert System

Are You OK?

If vitals are at an unacceptable level, it reaches out  to determine if you are OK and asks for a response.

Alert the Team

The emergency contacts will be alerted if potential overdose is detected with the person's location.

Data Not Received

The contact list will receive a notification
if data is not being received.