LifeLine Program Features

LifeLine offers a turnkey service for treatment & collegiate recovery programs

InterAct delivers technology and online education to programs allowing them to offer extended care, parent support and college recovery programs that promote wellness, reduce relapse rates and prevent the onset of addiction.


Automation & Efficiency

InterAct reduces the time staff spends in administrative tasks or manual monitoring of clients. The system automates managing client data, messaging and notifications, check-ins and monitoring, and organizing schedules. InterAct manages the portal for each program.  Technology is HIPAA compliant and secure.

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Online Content & Education

A centralized library provides content from respected sources, organizes it into subject areas such as nutrition, exercise, self-regulation and anxiety and delivers content to branded and customized program portals. Individuals access information that better explains the disease, what they can do to best support the addict and how to care for themselves.

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Outreach & Engagement

The message library notifies and reminds portal members to take action, look at content, or check in to events and appointments. Automated newsletters are customized for different types of portal  members such as families, sponsors or alumni.  Portals have forms to ask for feedback on content and survey their members.

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Connections & Support

Technology facilitates discussion forums, offers virtual support groups, and Telehealth appointments with therapists or recovery coaches to keep individuals connected and supported. Connections can be based on different types of portal members.


Scheduling & Reminders

Individuals have a personalized calendar for meetings, work, events or appointments with the option to add multiple text reminders. The mobile application asks for check-ins, identifies locations, and offers other verification to ensure individuals are where they are supposed to be.


& Safety

The treatment team, support groups or families are alerted if the participant is out of compliance with the program and may be risk.  The  technology surveys participants and  monitors if they are actively engaged.  Wearables monitor vitals to detect overdose risk and send help.



The technology collects data on every interaction with the portal or mobile application, presenting that data in customized reports.  Programs can use that data to validate their results and produce outcome studies.

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Programs with multiple locations or facilities can have a portal network.  Each location’s portal can be customized for the location but standardized in its structure and capabilities.  A centralized portal updates the portals in the network with content, events, or other information and collects data from its spoke portals.