LifeLine Connect

Detect the leading indicators of overdose, alert others and send help.  Visit LifeLine Connect

LifeLine Connect helps parents identify the children at highest risk, understand what causes addiction, and prepares them with strategies to keep their children safer. Education is supported by a mobile application to track and monitor adolescents, wearables to monitor vitals to detect overdose and alert if risks are detected.

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Educate & connect families to prevent substance misuse

Parents often wait until their teenagers are already experimenting with drugs and alcohol before they realize they are in trouble and decide to take action. The online portal offers families an understanding of addiction, the genetic and environmental risks, and strategies to talk to and educate children about the risks of substance misuse. LifeLine Connect has an endless flow of high-quality content and education, discussion forums for parents to share strategies, opportunities for online classes and connections to family therapists.

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Technology provides structure, accountability & safety

LifeLine Connect connects parents to their children compliance with parental rules and offers accountability to ensure they follow them. The cloud-based application allows parents to add their child's schedule, send reminder text messages, and ask their child to "check-in". Adolescents have the LifeLine Connect app for check-in, to be geolocated, and other verification to ensure that they are where they say they are. LifeLine Connect can send text messages to look at content, send questionnaires and alert parents if the child is not complying. Wearables monitor vitals to detect potential overdose and send help.

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Schools, organizations & non-profits can launch a LifeLine Connect program

LifeLine Connect programs are totally automated, fully managed and come loaded with a continuous stream of content on the disease of addiction, recovery and relapse education, wellness information and strategies to prevent addiction. Portals are branded for the organization, connected to the centralized content portal and have a complete member management system. The messaging engine outreaches to keep audiences educated and engaged and tracks how people are interacting with the content. Portals have discussion forums and an event calendar to provide ways for people to connect and support each other.