Our History

InterAct's roots are in technology and treatment.
InterAct LifeLine evolved from Convey Services, a portal technology company and content distribution network founded in 2013.  

Carolyn and Laura Bradfield
Turning Grief to Purpose

In late 2017, Carolyn Bradfield, InterAct LifeLine CEO, lost her 29-year old daughter to a drug overdose after a 15-year struggle with addiction causing her to rethink how Convey's technology could be utilized in the service of addiction prevention and recovery. In the first quarter of 2019, she decided to create InterAct Lifeline to deploy Convey's portal technology in addiction treatment, collegiate recovery, and addiction prevention programs. 

Learn more about her personal journey with her daughter Laura.  Rethink the Family

Roots in the Treatment Industry

The founders of Convey founded Phoenix Outdoor, a North Carolina licensed outdoor behavioral health program for at-risk adolescents that focused on participants struggling with substance misuse and coexisting behavioral or mental health issues.  The program set the standard in the industry for substance misuse treatment and launched a family support program delivered exclusively through online technology.  The program was sold to CRC Health (now Acadia Healthcare) in 2007 and still operates today under the umbrella of SUWS of the Carolinas.

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The InterAct LifeLine Program

The InterAct division utilized the Convey technology to create the InterAct LifeLine program.  Over 1,000 pieces of content and education were organized into content catalogs and added to a centralized hub site for distribution to any portal connected to the hub.  The technology portal was reconfigured to include discussion forums, integration with video platforms for support groups, integration to Telehealth services, accountability through individual calendars, reminders and check-ins and automated outreaches to participants and their families.  Much of the programming was crafted based on prior experience with developing and delivering the Phoenix Outdoor program.

Kennesaw State University
Pilot Programs

InterAct initiated a pilot program with six universities that have portals connected to the Collegiate Recovery Hub for a continuous feed of content and education. Portals allow collegiate recovery programs to automate their processes, direct student activities, educate audiences, and inspire donations and sponsorships to fund programs. In Q1 2020, InterAct launched a pilot for treatment programs to deliver aftercare services to keep clients and their families connected, educate them on recovery and wellness and provide accountability and structure through a mobile application.  In March 2020, InterAct paused the pilot programs because of the Pandemic.

A Subsidiary of Convey Holdings

InterAct was formed in 2019 as a subsidiary of Convey Holdings. Convey's portal technology powers virtual events and engagement platforms, delivers content to industry groups, and offer education and remote patient monitoring for addiction and mental health.  

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