InterAct's Roots are in Technology & Treatment

InterAct LifeLine evolved from Convey Services, a content distribution network and portal technology company, founded in 2013. Convey deploys content portals, then networks them together for content and marketing asset delivery. The founders created and ran Phoenix Outdoor, a licensed outdoor behavioral therapy program for adolescents struggling with substance misuse.

Subsidiary of Convey Holdings

InterAct was formed in 2019 as a subsidiary of Convey Holdings. Convey Services serves industries that sell products and services through indirect sales channels with its largest market segment in the telecommunications, cloud and IT services industries. 45 master agent portals update 23,000 independent sales agents looking at content added by carriers and vendors. Convey serves the property and casualty insurance and food distribution industries for carriers, suppliers and vendors to update and engage independent agencies and sales professionals.    Visit Convey Services.

Carolyn and Laura Bradfield

From Grief to Purpose

In late 2017, Carolyn Bradfield, InterAct LifeLine CEO, lost her 29-year old daughter to a drug overdose after a 15-year struggle with addiction causing her to rethink how Convey’s technology could be utilized in the service of addiction prevention and recovery. In the first quarter of 2019, she decided to create InterAct Lifeline to deploy Convey’s portal technology in addiction treatment, collegiate recovery, and addiction prevention programs.  Visit Rethink the Family


The Program

InterAct took the Convey portal technology and created the LifeLine program launching a content network that links to collegiate recovery and treatment portals.  Over 1,000 pieces of high-quality content were researched, curated and added to the hub portal for delivery to portals connected to the network.  Under an exclusive license for the mental health addiction industry, InterAct has partnered with Call2Test to add a mobile platform for tracking and compliance, outreach to individuals for check-ins and monitoring, and monitoring vitals through Bluetooth for alerts and safety.

Kennesaw State University

The Pilot Program

InterAct initiated a pilot program with six universities that have portals connected to the Collegiate Recovery Hub for a continuous feed of content and education. Portals allow collegiate recovery programs to automate their processes, direct student activities, educate audiences, and inspire donations and sponsorships to fund programs. In Q1 2020, InterAct launched the LifeLine pilot for treatment programs to deliver aftercare services to keep clients and their families connected, educate them on recovery and wellness and provide accountability and structure through a mobile application.  In March 2020, InterAct paused the pilot programs because of the Pandemic.