InterAct automates how programs educate and serve their audiences, provides individuals with structure, access to communities, accountability, education, and leverages data from smart watches and wearables to detect overdose, alert others and send help.

Detect, Alert, Send Help

The LifeLine Connect program receives heart and respiration rates from smart watches and wearables to detect potential overdose, alert others and send help.

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Insights and Data

Use the portal and mobile platform data to generate detailed reports for outcome studies or for reports on the results of opioid abatement programs.

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Educate & Engage

Interact provides a continuous flow of content & education. Portals proactively outreach & engage clients & their families.

Automation & Efficiency

InterAct's technology is automated streamlining manual processes and create efficiency.

Connect Families

Education, connections to family therapy, and support groups help the family know how to support themselves and the person they love.

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Accountability & Structure

Add commitments on your personal calendar for meetings, appointments, work & events with text reminders and check-ins to ensure commitments are kept

Brand & Customize

Each portal is branded and customized for the organization, but comes complete with all features setup and configured so it can be used right away.

Video chatting
Create Community

Virtual support groups, discussion forums, and events keep individuals and their families connected to community for support and guidance.

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Saves Staff Time

Technology reduces time on administrative tasks so staff can focus time on their clients to keep relationships strong.

Why InterAct?

Our solution offers efficient ways to keep people connected to education and support and use data from wearables to detect and prevent overdose deaths.