- Support Collegiate Recovery with a Non-Profit Donation -

InterAct has a non-profit subsidiary that helps new and existing collegiate recovery programs fund the portal program to automate and organize their program.

College students need recovery programs

  1. 2.7 million full-time students report binge drinking on campus.
  2. 1.8 million full-time students report illegal substance use on campus
  3. 733,000 full-time students met the criteria for an alcohol use disorder
  4. 480,000 full-time students met the criteria for a substance use disorder
  5. 840,000 full-time students are in recovery.
  6. 64% of students leaving college do so for behavioral health reasons

Collegiate recovery programs are effective

  1. Students enrolled in collegiate recovery exceed graduation rates of the general student population by 21%
  2. Students higher GPA's than the general student population
  3. Only 5% of collegiate recovery students return to using illegal drugs or other substances.

Donate to support collegiate recovery

The InterAct non-profit allows you to support an existing collegiate recovery program, help a college start a new program and to fund the collegiate recovery initiative.  Learn more about the InterAct collegiate non-profit.  Contact us to learn more about donating to the InterAct Non-Profit