Why InterAct?

- Automation, Education & Accountability Deliver Results -

Technology automates how programs serve their clients, free up staff time and provide clients with more structure, accountability, and education to ensure that they get the best outcome possible from the program.

We create efficiency through automation

Our portal and mobile technology automate all processes to ensure programs run efficiently.

We help staff stay focused on their clients

Technology now manages processes that took staff time, freeing staff up to work more directly with their clients and students.

We keep everyone educated and informed

Content is delivered to the program portal regularly and outbound messages alert and outreach to the portal members automatically.

We help programs generate funding and revenue

Treatment programs gain revenue for aftercare services and college programs can use the portal and its tools to help raise funds.

We keep clients safer

The team is alerted if participants are not complying with the program, are in distress or need help.

We keep participants accountable

The mobile application schedules client obligations reminds them and asks for check-ins to ensure they are following the plan and process.