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InterAct delivers a turnkey technology solution to addictions programs that will keep patients connected to treatment longer, keep families connected and keep individuals connected to support communities.  We support collegiate recovery with a solution that automates programs, directs student activities, engages and educates audiences and helps raise funding to operate.  In 2020, we will launch SafetyNet as a prevention program for families.

From the Founder

At age 14, my daughter Laura begin to abuse substances embarking on a 15-year journey through the world of addiction that would see both mother and daughter fight to find a way to achieve recovery, only to end up in a vicious cycle of treatment and relapse.

Just before Christmas in 2017, the knock on my door came that every mother of an addict dreads. Laura had overdosed, she was in the ER and on life support. Two days later, the machines were turned off and the tubes removed, and Laura slipped away.

I committed to turn my grief into purpose, share my story, and find a way to change how people view the risk of addiction. We needed to find a way to help prevent the onset of addiction and find ways to treat this chronic disease to help people find a way to return to wellness and recovery.

    InterAct is an Impact Investment

    An investment in InterAct LifeLine indicates that investors support InterAct’s mission of leveraging technology to improve the prevention and treatment of the disease of addiction and provides them with a stake in our success. 

    InterAct is being certified as a B corporation and will meet the highest standard of social performance, maintain pubic transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit with purpose. 

    Our performance metrics will:

    • Engage more clients in structured aftercare programs with their treatment facility.
    • Reduction relapse rates for clients engaged in InterAct aftercare programs.
    • Provide a greater awareness of collegiate recovery programs leading to more students being served and increased program funding.
    • Expand collegiate recovery programs to more schools and campuses using InterAct to help form and structure the program.
    • Increase parent participation in prevention programs that implement technology solutions to track and monitor their children for substance abuse prevention.

    * B Corporation certification will be applied for in Q4 2019

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