- Make an Impact with your Investment -

InterAct delivers a turnkey technology solution to addictions programs that will keep patients connected to treatment longer, keep families connected and keep individuals connected to support communities.  We support collegiate recovery with a solution that automates programs, directs student activities, engages and educates audiences and helps raise funding to operate.  In 2020, we will launch SafetyNet as a prevention program for families.

From the Founder

At age 14, my daughter Laura begin to abuse substances and for 15-years she was in a vicious cycle of rehab, recovery, relapse, and rehab ending in overdose in December 2017.  I committed to turning my grief into purpose to improve our understanding of addiction, how we treat it, and how we improve outcomes.

Over the years, I founded and sold 3 technology companies and a licensed outdoor behavioral healthcare program for adolescents transforming how the industry treated teenagers and their families who were struggling with substance abuse and addiction.  My current company Convey has invested millions of dollars in portal technology that has become the foundation for InterAct LifeLine. We are poised to disrupt broken processes, reduce the cost of treatment and help people achieve long-term recovery.

    InterAct is an Impact Investment

    Investing in InterAct LifeLine indicates that you want to turn your financial success into substance. We are being certified as a B corporation and will meet the highest standard of social performance, maintain pubic transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit with purpose. 

    * B Corporation certification will be applied for in Q4 2019

    Convertible Debt for Early Stage Investors

    InterAct LifeLine is offering a flexible investment instrument with short-term debt that has a conversion option into equity in conjunction with a future financing round or terminating capital event. As an investor, you will be loaning money to InterAct in our early phases with the flexibility of receiving an interest rate, being repaid on the maturity date or converting the debt into equity at a discounted rate.  Review the investment opportunity.   

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