Expand Your Reach With Virtual Care

With InterAct LifeLine, you get the tools you need to grow your treatment program, increase revenue, and improve patient outcomes.

Why InterAct LifeLine

By embracing our flexible and customizable solutions, you can meet your patients where they are - whether that's transitioning out of inpatient programs, juggling demanding schedules, or residing in remote locations.

Custom Programs

Extend your services beyond inpatient care, launch family support initiatives, and offer primary treatments

Comprehensive Aftercare

Enhance recovery outcomes by keeping patients connected post-treatment

Revenue Growth

Attract new clients, extend patient relationships, extend range of services, and monetize additional support options

Virtual IOP

Enable patients to participate from the comfort and privacy of their homes

Nurturing Family Support

Empower families to support and participate in their loved ones recovery

Enhanced Staff Efficiency

Streamline and simplify care delivery with automated technology

Grow with InterAct LifeLine

While we recognize that embracing virtual care solutions may initially seem daunting for some treatment centers,
it's important to consider the long-term benefits and growth opportunities that come with extending your services online.

Embrace a new era

Transitioning to a new way of care delivery may appear challenging, but digital transformation is inevitable in the healthcare industry. Embracing this change early will position your center as a forward-thinking institution, setting you apart from competitors.

Technology is advancing

Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. We offer comprehensive onboarding and technical support to help your team navigate the platform with ease.

Enhance patient engagement

Virtual care can actually enhance patient engagement by providing flexibility and convenience. Patients can access care when it suits them, thereby improving treatment adherence and outcomes.

Improve results

Virtual care has been proven to be as effective as traditional in-person treatment. Moreover, it allows for continuous monitoring and personalized care plans that can improve overall patient wellness.

Grow revenue at little cost

While there are initial investments involved in setting up a virtual care program, the potential for increased revenue through expanded patient reach and extended service offerings makes it a financially sound decision.

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