The Fastest-Growing Behavioral Health Providers' Secret Sauce

Article from Behavioral Health Business

In recent years, the rise of telehealth and digital services has revolutionized the behavioral health sector. In an article from Behavorial Health Business, they delve into the growth, strategies, and future prospects of various behavioral health organizations. It underlines how telehealth has expanded access to mental health services, particularly during the pandemic. Noteworthy is the adaptive strategies of TimelyCare, employing telehealth solutions to cater for college students' mental health needs. The article also highlights the boom in autism therapy providers, with a focus on The Stepping Stones Group and Behavior Nation. Lastly, the crucial role of institutional partners in leading patients to these organizations is discussed.

Here are our key takeaways from the article:

Utilizing Telehealth Services: Companies such as TimelyCare have successfully employed telehealth solutions to cater to the mental health needs of college students, providing them with the privacy and flexibility they require.

Addressing Rising Demand: The Stepping Stones Group and Behavior Nation have seized the opportunity presented by the rapid increase in autism diagnoses, providing crucial services to this growing demographic.

Expanding Accessibility: Behavior Nation has leveraged insurance coverage to make intensive autism therapy services more affordable, thereby increasing access for caregivers and families.

Implementing a One-Stop Shop Model: Forge Health has differentiated themselves in a market full of point solutions by offering a comprehensive range of outpatient services, positioning themselves as a one-stop shop for behavioral health needs.

Establishing Partnerships: Companies like TimelyCare and Forge Health have found success by forging relationships with institutional partners who can guide potential patients to their services.


The Secrets to the Fastest Growing Behavioral Health Companies

By Chris Larson | September 1, 2023 in Behavioral Health Business

The INVEST Conference brought together owners, operators, and investors of behavioral health practices in Chicago this week. Despite industry-wide challenges, many behavioral health companies are experiencing remarkable growth because of innovative approaches propelling them forward in the marketplace.

In the September article appearing on the Behavioral Health Business site, Chris Larson profiles how companies are growing and thriving in the behavioral health industry.

"In mid-August, 36 behavioral health companies appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. These companies, in no small part, developed strategies to overcome industry challenges. On top of that, executives whose companies were on the list told Behavioral Health Business that prioritizing corporate infrastructure was key."

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