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Notes and Tasks

Access member records, take notes, and assign tasks.


Site or member administrators can use the CRM system to find a member, make a note, 
set a task, and send an email notification to the person who was assigned the task.

Key Features


Find an individual's record and add a new note to remind you of an action item for that person.


Add a task to the note so an action item can be completed. Assign that task to a member of your team.


Notify any administrator via email of a task they need to complete so everyone stays on track.

How To Add A New Note

Add a note to a members record and send an optional email reminder directly from the platform.

Notes & Tasks

Find a Member

Locate an individual participant in the program and click their name to add a note.

Priority, Date, Type

Click if this note is high priority, add the date of the note, and select the type of note from the drop down.

Enter the Note

Use the text and graphics section to customize the note.

Click to Notify

Click to send an email notification to the individual that needs to know about the note or has to complete the task.

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