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Pricing & Onboarding

Strategies to price a family support program and steps to onboard the family.



Virtual Care pricing should be on a subscription basis with a recurring fee for on-going access to support resources, educational materials and content. Choose to offer a tiered pricing approach for specialized support groups or individual family counseling Telehealth appointments. In general, family support programs are not reimbursable by insurance so creating a pricing plan should keep that in mind. Programs generally range between $200-$1000 per month per family. Consider capping the number of individuals in a family with access to the program.


Onboarding a family into the program can involve the following steps to ensure families understand the value of family support,
the options that you are offering, and have a process to be added to the portal and get comfortable with the technology.

Key Features

Everything you need to onboard a family participating in the Family Support Program

Add Participants & Take Payment

The portal has an application to gather information, add pricing, and take payment via a credit card. The person filling out the application will automatically be added to the portal and based on the package, can add other family members.

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Orientation & Introduction

Create a custom email to introduce the family to the program and let them know what to expect. The welcome email should include instructions on how to login and what to do if they misplace their password.

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A Guided Portal Tour

Offer instructions on how to access resources, content, sign up for support sessions and how to use the features of the technology. Add support groups or other educational sessions in an agenda page.

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Family Support Dashboard

Assign participants the member type of “Family Support” from administration. There is a family support dashboard, provided for you, with features such as personal calendars, my favorites, and a profiles and preferences section for individuals to view or edit their profile and opt out of emails. You can customize the dashboard to include other items by going to Members > Dashboards.

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Support Groups & Events

Add support group dates and times in an agenda page so individuals can register, get the sessions added to their calendar, and receive access information and reminders to attend.

Add educational sessions that you can deliver through integration with Zoom to provide classes for family support participants.

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Outreach & Communicate

Use built-in emails, add discussion forums, and turn on directories and chat messaging.

  • Send newsletters with links to content resources, support groups, or other activities.
  • Deliver discussion forum update emails.
  • Send surveys to solicit feedback.
  • Turn on a directory of individuals participating in the program and add chat messaging to open up conversation.

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