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Email Performance

Track the performance of each email to see bounces, opens, and click throughs.


The family support portal tracks all emails delivered to your audience and if they were delivered, opened, or clicked.

Key Features

Ensure that your emails are getting through, being read, and acted on.


Email reports show all emails that were delivered and any emails that bounced so you can correct any errors.

Opens & Click Throughs

Monitor if your emails were opened and how many unique opens each individual had. See who clicked links in your email.

Manage Opt Outs

Individuals receiving emails can opt out of receiving future outreaches. See all opt outs in contact records and reports.

Email Report

Update the existing email report, create a custom report, and download the data.

Email Report

Locate the Report

Find "Reports" then "Email Report"


Click the "Update" button to refresh the report with data from the past 30 days. Add a custom date range if needed.


Click to download the report to a .csv file to analyze data offline.

Custom Reports

Select the Email Site Report

Find the email report and select to "save as custom".

Report Details

Add a title and description, then choose to make the report public or keep it private only to you.

Dates and Filters

Add a custom date range and select filters to narrow what the report shows.

Add Fields

Select fields from an administrative database (i.e. members) so they will appear in the report.

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