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Brand & Customize

Add your organization's branding to customize the portal's appearance.


Each portal is customized for the organization with options to make changes to give it the right look and feel.

Key Features


Upload your organization's logo, set button colors, customize the footer, and add your font style.

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Customized Homepage

Customize the homepage by adding banners, videos, text & graphics, directories, and a link for participants to log in to the portal.

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Navigation Bar

Add pages to the navigation bar to promote your organization, explain the Family Support Program, host directories of upcoming events and links to log in.

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How to Customize the Portal

Make your homepage dynamic, add colors and branding, and create informational or call to action pages.

Set Up the Homepage

Edit the Current Homepage

Select "Site Pages" then"Homepage" in the page list.

Add Sections

Add a section to hold banners, text & graphics, directories or a 2D navigational image. Add an image or color behind a section to make it stand out.  Move sections up or down on the homepage.

Add Pages to the Navigation Bar

Select "Site Pages" then "Add New" to create a new page.  Add pages like "About Us", "Our Programs" or "Contact Us".

Create Call to Action Buttons

Add a text and graphic sections then add call to action buttons to ask for a meeting, get in touch, or log in.

Customize the Appearance

Find Appearance

Open "Site Options", then "Appearance".

Upload Your Logo & Favicon

Upload your logo to appear in the website's header and in all dashboards. Upload a favicon image to appear in the browser tab.

Customize the login page

Add an image or color behind the login page.

Customize the site footer

Add a "powered by" image and link, add social media links, and a copyright.

Customize fonts and buttons

As an option, you can change the standard fonts and button colors used throughout the site.

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