Track engagement and participation, email performance, forms, and data in administration through site reports.

Track Engagement

Site reports show login activity, interaction with content, participation in sessions, forms, and email activity.
Use reports to determine how individuals are engaging with the program to make adjustments.

Key Features

Track engagement, view data in administration, and download data.

Data Tracked

Reports track logins, interactions with content, participation in sessions, email activity, or form submissions.

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Customize Reports

Take a standard site report, and customize it by changing date ranges, adding fields, or using filters.

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All reports can be viewed online or downloaded into an Excel of .CSV file for further analysis.

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Site Reports

Update existing site reports, create custom reports, and download the data.

Site Reports

Engagement Reports

Reports that track engagement are: content, emails, catalog activity, member activity and forms.

Administrative Reports

Reports that pull data from administration are: Users, Catalogs, Members.


Click the "Update" button to refresh the report with data from the past 30 days. Add a custom date range if needed.


Click to download the report to a .csv file to analyze data offline.

Custom Reports

Select a Site Report

Find one of the site reports and select to "save as custom".

Report Details

Add a title and description, then choose to make the report public or keep it private only to you.

Dates and Filters

Add a custom date range and select filters to narrow what the report shows.

Add Fields

Select fields from an administrative database (i.e. members) so they will appear in the report.

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