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Custom databases and easy ways to add and manage users and portal members.


The portal has 3 administrative databases to hold information on portal members, administrative users, or site segments (catalogs).
Add and manage members and assign types, add administrators, and create new catalogs.

Key Features

Customized databases hold key information on program participants. Assign an administrator to manage assigned individuals and assign member types for a customized viewing experience.  Add and manage participants and administrative users and customize the data kept on each individual.

Customized CRM

The custom CRM holds data on members, administrators, and catalogs. It's easy to add or change fields that hold data.

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Add & Manage Members

Add new members individually, upload them in bulk, or use the member application for members to be added automatically.

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The portal is segmented into catalogs to hold content or sessions. Add new catalogs from a template or create them from scratch.

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Setting Up The CRM

The three databases (member, users, and catalog) come setup with custom fields. Add or remove fields to customize the data you need.
The portal offers flexible ways to add and manage participants in the family support program.

Customize the CRM

Select a Database

Select "Members", "Users" or "Catalogs", then "Setup" to customize the fields in the database.


Add a section to organize the fields, then use that section to hold custom fields.

Add Fields

Add new fields that can be text, lookup, select, text areas, date, numbers, emails or custom links.

Member Types

Add member types to restrict access to content, discussion forums, emails, etc. Assign new members to a type.

Add & Manage Participants & Administrators


Add an administrative user to manage the site, manage a catalog, or manage a defined group of members.

Add Individual Members

Add program participants one at a time by entering their information into the member form. Make sure to assign them to the right member type.

Upload Members

Upload a .csv or Excel file to add a large group of individuals as members of the portal.


Turn on the member application and customize it if you would like individuals to fill out a form to become members. You can approve them before they are allowed to join and log in.

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