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Community Features

Directories and chat messaging promote community.


The family support portal supports interactions between members by adding directories of participants and turning on chat messaging for private conversations.

Key Features


Set up a directory of participants in the family support program for individuals to find each other and make a direct connection. Choose the types of individuals to appear in the directory and offer members the option of opting out.

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Contact Information

Set up your member database with fields that hold information about participants in family support and decide which fields will show up in the contact card.

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Chat Messaging

Turn on chat messaging for individuals to find each other in the directory and open up a 1 on 1 dialog with the chat messaging feature.

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Set up Community Features

Use directories and chat messaging to allow individuals in the family support program to connect directly for 1 on 1 communication. 
Individuals can opt in or opt out of participating in the directory or chat messaging.

Set up a Family Support Directory

Find Directories

Open "Site Options", then "Directories" and "Members".

Select Member Types

Select the types of members that will appear in the directory, if they will be listed, and if they should opt-in or opt-out.

Contact Card

Select the fields to appear in the contact card.

Directory Table

Select the fields to appear as columns in the directory table.

Add Chat Messaging

Turn on Directories

Directories must be setup for messaging to be enabled.

Turn On Messaging

Open "Site Options", then "Messaging". Turn messaging on.

Select Members

Select members that will have chat messaging enabled.

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