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Support Groups

Support groups provide a vital space for families to share experiences.


Support groups provide a vital space for families to share experiences, gain insights, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their journey.

Key Features

Automate the setup and delivery of webinars

Zoom or Teams

Each platform is integrated with both Zoom and Teams so you can use your existing license, automate setup and easily get links to join in the hands of your participants.

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Sign Up & Remind

Participants in the family support program log in to the portal, find the educational session, click to sign up, get the session on their calendar, and receive email reminders to attend.

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Track Participation

The portal reports show you who has viewed the webinar session, registered for it, and if you use a Zoom account, you will automatically see who joined. Upload a webinar recording to offer on-demand viewing.

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How to Set Up a Support Group

All portals have a catalog called "Sessions" to hold any educational or support group sessions. You can use your Zoom or Teams license to automate setup.

Select a session type

(example: Family Support Group)

Give the session a title

(example: Weekly Family Support Meeting)

Provide information

Describe your session in a few sentences.

Add Permissions

Select the member type of individuals that can participate in the sessions (example: Family Support Adults).

Upload a thumbnail picture

The thumbnail will appear on your session list.

Set the date and time

Choose when the session will be available.

Select a Zoom or Teams license or enter a link to join

Add webinar information for participants.

Post your session

The session will now be available for registration.

Add your session to a directory

Adding the session to a directory allows individuals to view the session on pages.

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