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Promotional Webinars

Educate referral sources and prospective clients using webinars.


Promotional webinars for family support programs play a crucial role in attracting new clients. They provide an opportunity to showcase the program's expertise, values, and success stories, building trust with potential clients. Additionally, webinars allow for interactive Q&A sessions, which can address concerns or queries in real-time, further establishing credibility and fostering a sense of connection between the program and prospective clients.


Zoom or Teams

Each platform is integrated with both Zoom and Teams so you can use your existing license, automate setup and easily get links to join in the hands of your participants.


Sign Up & Remind

Participants in the family support program login to the portal, find the educational session, click to sign up, get the session on their calendar and receive email reminders to attend.


Track Participation

The portal reports show you who has viewed the webinar session, registered and if you use a Zoom account, you will automatically see who joined. Upload a webinar recording to offer on-demand viewing.


Add a Family Therapy Session to a Participant's Calendar

Schedule a family therapy session by adding it directly to an individual's calendar in the portal with email and text reminders to attend.

Navigate to Calendars

Find "Calendars" under  "Site Options" in your dashboard

Give the session a title

(example: Weekly Family Support Meeting)

Select the session type

From the drop-down menu

Set the date and time

Choose when the session will be available

Add reminders to attend

Add one or multiple reminders to be delivered by text or email

Set the date and time

Choose when the session will be available

Enter a link to join

Add webinar information for participants

Add to calendars

Click "Add to Calendar" and find the individual(s) to invite

Save the session

The session will now appear in the selected members calendars