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Email Promotion

Use the portal's email engine to promote the Family Support Program.


The family support portal has a sophisticated email engine to automatically update audiences, send newsletters or emails or deliver surveys.
Track how messages are received and acted on in site reports.

Key Features

Automate outreach and track results.

Automated Site Messages

The family support portal will deliver automated messages to welcome new members, send login reminders, or alert on password changes.

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Emails & Newsletters

Deliver custom emails to push out surveys or update audiences. Use newsletters to alert on new content or upcoming sessions and events.

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Track Results

The email report shows you if the email was delivered or bounced, how many unique opens, and if the individual clicked through.

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Using Email

Start by setting up default email options, customizing or turning off automated site messages, and exploring custom emails and newsletters.

Set Up Default Options

Reply-To Email

Your "from" email is set up for you, but add a "reply to" email for automated delivery.

Pre-Header Text

Add pre-header text to appear in the recipient's list of emails when they are received.


Upload a header graphic and add a hyperlink when the graphic is clicked.


Add a contact, company name and address for CAN/SPAM compliance.  Add optional social medial links.

Site Messages

Site messages have been pre-set up and customized.

On or Off

Turn off any automated site messages you do not want to use.

Welcome Emails

Review the welcome emails and make changes if needed. Do not erase the password set link in any welcome email.

Reminder Emails

Reminder emails notify individuals to login if they have been idle. Set the number of days before a reminder goes out. Reminders also notify individuals of an upcoming event they have signed up for.


Notifications can be directed at portal administrators or site members. Review and turn off any notifications you don't need.

Custom Emails & Newsletters

Custom Email

Look at the sample custom email. You can copy it and use it as a template to send other emails.


Look at the sample newsletter. You can copy it and use it as a template to send a regular newsletter. We suggest at least weekly.

Forum Digest

If you are using discussion forums, you will have a Forum Digest newsletter to update participants. Review and change if needed.

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