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Build a contact list inside the portal to reach out via email to promote the program.


Use the database to add contacts for referral sources or other influencers that can recommend your family support program.

Key Features

The family support portal can have an unlimited number of contacts to outreach via email.

Custom Database

Add fields to the "user" database to keep track of individuals that become contacts for email outreach.

Learn How

Contact Catalog

Your portal has a site segment called "Contact Catalog". Add a contact to the catalog for email outreach.


Access the user administrative report to download the data from your contact catalog to an Excel or .csv file.

Learn How

Setup Contacts

Setup the user database to hold information on contacts and add them to the "Contacts Catalog".

Setup the Database

Navigate to Users

Find "Users" then click "Setup".

Add Sections

Add sections to the database to hold custom fields such as organization, title, role, etc. about the contact.

Add Fields

Once the sections are set up, add fields to hold data on your contact. Fields can be text, lookup, select, text area, email, number, etc.

Add Contacts

Navigate to  Users

Find "Users" then click "Setup".

Click to "Add New"

Select the "Add New" button, then "Contact"

Enter Information

Add the contact's information making sure to add their name and email as required fields.

Contact Catalog

Select "Contact Catalog" in the catalog tab.

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