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Monthly Schedule

Here are ideas and a suggested schedule for activities offered to Family Support participants.

Key Features

Weekly Newsletter

Deliver an automated weekly newsletter to update participants on new content posts, upcoming support groups or educational sessions, or add reminders for discussion forums and community activities. (There is a sample newsletter in your portal)

Support Groups

Schedule a weekly support group for family members to share challenges and think through new strategies. Have people sign up for the group, get it on the calendar and receive reminders. Use your Zoom license to deliver support groups.

Live & On-Demand Education

Schedule live educational webinars on family issues, recovery support and wellness topics, record the session, then post the video on the Virtual Care portal. Build up a library of on-demand education from the live class recordings.

Discussion Forums

Add conversation topics to the discussion forum and update your audience automatically with a forum digest email. Consider having guest moderators join the forum at a scheduled time and date for families to ask them questions and start conversations.


Turn on a directory for participants in the family support program to find each other and start chat conversation with family support members. Directories can be customized and individuals can opt out of appearing in them.

Family Telehealth Sessions

Add individual family therapy sessions directly to participants' calendars and schedule reminders to attend. Use Zoom to deliver the session, or connect the family with a 3rd-party service to deliver Telehealth sessions and bill insurance.

Sample Family Support Schedule

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