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- Turn Success into Substance   -

If you want to turn your financial success into substance, consider becoming an investor, donating to our non-profit or referring others to InterAct that can support us.

Invest in InterAct

InterAct balances profit with purpose and is poised to generate significant revenue from its LifeLine, Collegiate Recovery, and SafetyNet services.  At 1% participation in those 3 markets, InterAct can generate annual revenues of over $300 million.  Our early-stage round offers investors the flexibility of a convertible debt instrument.

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Donate to  InterAct Cares

InterAct's Non-Profit provides online portals to collegiate recovery programs, communities and other non-profits to help educate their audiences about the disease of addiction, how to prevent it, treatment options, and how to achieve long-term wellness and recovery.  Donations defray the cost of providing portals to groups who do not have the funds to purchase technology and manage it.

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