The Mobile Platform

- Accountability, Messaging, Tracking, Alerts -

The mobile platform offers programs the option to have participant monitoring and accountability, get daily check-ins, send and receive secure messages, and alert others if the individual is at risk.

Connect Comply

The Connect Comply service allows an individual to "check-in" at meetings, work, school or schedule appointments.  Once the individual checks in, the mobile application turns the camera around, takes a picture and automatically uploads the image, including the date and time the photo was taken plus geolocation data for that phone. In return, the person is given a message letting them know their check-in was successful and any other information the program needs to communicate.

Secure Messaging

Our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform lets you send text-based messages back and forth with participants directly from our web interface. These messages are immutable, so they can’t be altered or deleted once sent.  Messages can be sent individually or broadcast to an entire group.  Messages are received on the mobile phone but accessed through the application to ensure complete privacy for the individual.

Schedule Management

Programs can customize each participant's requirements and use the scheduling feature to create a customized calendar for the individual.  The calendaring system will automatically send a check-in request directly through the mobile app at any time.  The schedule management functionality is used to track when participants should be at work, at meetings, at home, at an appointment or in school and require check-ins. Programs can be notified if the individual is not where they’re supposed to be.

Client Set Up

The online system allows you to easily set up a new participant in minutes, adding their information, mobile numbers, schedules, and check-in requirements. Organize individuals into groups to make communication more efficient and streamline the type of messages or requirements you want the group to abide by.